Update October 14

It’s been a bit of a quiet spell, to say the least, these last few months and I’m writing this the day before my first gig since June.

I have been recording though, albeit a lot more slowly than I anticipated/intended. Once this album (or ep) has been done and dusted, I may well think about getting hold of some recording stuff and trying to record more regularly, albeit from home. Hopefully that will be more productive.

Also planning to push myself a bit more once I have the album to plug things a bit. The main decision now is whether to put out an album, including the ‘heavier’ stuff that I don’t really play any more, release it as an ep/mini album with just my current set (approx 30 mins), or to hold fire until I’ve written a couple more things to add to it for a full album. May well go with the latter and stick the heavier tracks on Bandcamp to download free.

My sound seems to veering towards a more quieter one these days with a slightly more minimalist feel .. probably equally as popular :).

And with that, I guess I should stop writing this and start practising for the gig tomorrow.

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