Smiling Under

Thought this is worth a plug … I’d posted a mention on Facebook about a sound guy turning me down and Hel from Undersmile asked me to send her a track or two so I sent the link to my first gig on Youtube and awaited the criticism which I had asked for. Thankfully she seemed to like it and said it had a Mazzy Star feel which surprised me. In fact, it’s quite interesting what influences people have noticed in my music. most of whom I would never have thought of.

To date, the following have been mentioned:

Lou Reed (circa Metal Machine Music)
Vini Reilly
Mazzy Star
Harvey Milk (the band not the gay activist!)
Link Wray (twice)

Oh well, thanks for the comments anyway Hel and glad you kinda liked it and here’s a plug for you in return, not that anyone reads these blogs :)

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