Setting the raft adrift?

This year has been quiet for gigs .. just one so far (and another cancelled after another band had to pull out). It’s kind of frustrating as I’m not a great one for hours of practising alone.

There are still plans to put our some sort of release soon .. possibly cassette and download but, these aside, not a lot is happening.

So … I’ve been thinking that, as well as Thin Raft, I’m going to try to do some improvised recordings .. make it up as I go along (ie how to get out of multiple cock ups).

I’ve just bought a small zoom recorder for this purpose and figure that I can probably record most stuff at home, or possible, for louder ones, in a practice space.

Plan is to put out cassettes in limited quantities along with unlimited downloads. I figure that, once I’ve got going, I’ll be able to put one out every two or three months or so.

The recording aspect should be fine (even if no one listens) …. Improvising live though is likely to provide a number of crap the pants moments …. but that’s the fun part … isn’t it?

and here’s my first (badly recorded) attempt