So Far and Beyond


Well 2014 has been ok … a few gigs here and there which, generally speaking, have got better as I’ve gone along so that’s a good thing.

Slight negatives are perhaps that a lot of the gigs have been at places where there was never a cat in hell’s chance that anyone would like my music but still good experience.

Only recording session didn’t entirely pan out either but you live and learn.


So, what’s the plans for 2015?

Well there are two gigs already sorted in Jan, one in a different venue but again, probably neither really ‘my audience’. So that’s aim number one, to play more ‘appropriate’ places and also places away from Nottingham too. That said I’m pretty happy to play almost anywhere.

Apart from that, probably the next task is to get a bigger amp .. it’s a balance between power and size though which means that a Fender Twin Deluxe Reverb is probably a no. Current favourite is a Fender Princeton 65 but we’ll see.

Once that’s done then, with some new material, it’s time to do a proper recording somewhere .. possibly JT Soar .. not sure yet. Hopefully a proper lp will get me more gigs and things will start to roll.

Music wise, hopefully there’ll be more ‘abstract’ stuff for want of a better word but that will come or not.

All this plus additional childcare responsibilities .. could be an interesting year ahead!!!