Review – Alley Cafe – Aug 2014

My first actual review … link is at but in case that page vanishes, here’s the cut n paste.

As tonight’s headliner, Thin Raft sets up; it’s initially unclear what form of sonic entertainment is going to be unleashed. As a man alone with an electric guitar, will it be Billy Bragg-esque political rabble rousing, or perhaps a Bob Dylany folk-a-thon? From the first discordant strum though, it becomes apparent that expectations, eardrums and sensitive dispositions are all in for a bit of a kicking.

The Thin Raft sound is actually akin to listening Thurston Moore’s Sonic Youth guitar parts, that have been stripped away from drums, bass and vocals, then played back at high volume. These spidery, skittish creations probably wouldn’t go down well if played on a long car journey with the in-laws, but they more than entertain and enjoyably mystify in the gig attending context.

It’s clear, that when it comes to this type of drone rock/minimalist noise experimentalism, Thin Raft is in a league of his own, but as compelling as his tunes are, I can only wonder what these jagged, skeletal compositions would sound like if they were given the flesh of lyrics and a full band. I for one would pay good money to see (and hear) that.